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Business contracts

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Understanding Contracts

Contract or contracts (in English) and overeenkomst (Dutch language) in a broader sense also often called the agreement terms, however the subsequent description the author uses the term contract for the actual agreement has a similar meaning. The contract is the event where two or more people promise each other to perform or not perform a certain action, usually in writing.

All parties agree on the things that agreement, obliged to abide by and implement that agreement led to the legal relationship called burdensome (verbintenis). Thus, the contract may cause the rights and obligations of the parties who made these contracts, so they make a contract is a formal legal sources, provided such contract is a legal contract.

Legal requirements contract

According to Civil Code section 1320 KUH contract is valid if it fulfills the requirements as follows

Terms subjective

This requirement is violated if the contract can be canceled include

1. ability to make a contract (and not sick adult memory)
2. those agreements which tie himself

objective requirements

This requirement is violated if the contract was null and void include:

1. one thing (object) a certain
2. something for the halal (kausa)

Source contract law

About the source of contract law is derived from the laws explained:

1. consent of the parties (the contract)
2. law, then the birth of this Act can be divided:

1. Just Act
2. Act as an act, then the birth of the Act because the act can be divided:
1. allowed
2. contrary to law, for example, an employee who leaked confidential company, meskupun in the employment contract was not mentioned, the company may require the employee because the action was by the Act, including actions against the law

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